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Are you looking to invest in property but don't know how... or you don't have the time or skills to find and invest in high yielding properties?

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What We Do Best

I work on a personal basis with busy professionals, providing a comprehensive hands-free property investment service, which covers sourcing the property right through to ensuring the property is ready for tenants. 

 I have established connections and relationships with property professionals which benefit my investors, and provide access to Buy-To-Let investments which deliver exceptional yields and equity growth in high rental demand areas.

Working together with my team my investors can be assured of having their hand-held through the complete investment process.

To understand more about our 6 investing steps, please simply click below.

Explore Investment Opportunities

How We Work


We help potential investors make their money work harder by building wealth through property. We work with people who have funds to invest and to maximise returns on their money by helping them to develop and build property portfolios.

Investing Opportunities

Portfolio Building

We can help you to find a single property or to build a complete portfolio. We deliver investment properties fully tenanted and charge a fee for this service. Here is our 6 step process.

Straight Loan Agreement

Maybe you don’t want the hassle of owning investment property but you are looking for a more risk-averse and better return for your money?

For private investors who want greater returns on their money without actually owning the property. The investor receives an agreed monthly interest rate over an agreed time frame.

Your investment is secured on the property. 

More info coming soon!

Joint Venture

This is an arrangement where we bring the skills, experience, knowledge and time to the deal and you as a JV partner invest the funds.

A partnership which usually involves a share in equity and rental income. We work together using various JV strategies that reflect your financial goals and desired level of involvement.

More info coming soon!

I have been in business ever since I qualified with a BAhDip back in 1983. I bought my first property in 1990 and today I still own that property which is now worth 8 times what I paid for it.

I also bought a farmhouse and 24 acres of land in 1994 and sold it 10 years later for more than 10 times what I bought it for. I am quoting these examples to demonstrate how powerful and reliable an investment vehicle property can be.

Most people I know either don't know how to go about getting involved in property or don't have the time. To provide a solution to this problem I set up my company VardenPropertySolutions to provide a property bespoke service to empower people of all walks of life to get involved with property who otherwise may not have the opportunity - to reap the wealth building rewards of property investment, provide a better life for themselves and their families and become financially free.

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